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Janitorial Supplies & Bathroom Cleaning Equipment

Products include:
    - industrial bathroom cleaning supplies, janitorial equipment
    - toilet bowl deodorant blocks, urinal blocks, urinal screens
    - bowl brushes, mops, caddies, plastic and metal dust pans
    - hygiene supplies, flyswatters, ashtrays, whiz pad holders
    - cleaning pads, razor blades, scrapers, pumice sticks, latex gloves
    - safety floor signs, plastic bottles, jugs, pump sprayers
    - drum faucets, plastic scoops, and scoop holders

See this pad holder now...We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of housekeeping and janitorial supplies. We know that you're frustrated with high product prices, annoying sales people, and complicated ordering procedures, they simply waste your valuable time.

See this product now...We have the knowledge and expertise that comes with practical experience. Our company has years of industrial and cleaning supply knowledge. We are always looking for opportunities to be of better service and to offer better products.

Our CatalogWe have a new online catalog . That means our products will cost you less because we pass those savings on to you. We're faster and easier because you already have access to our complete online catalog right now, just click on the catalog link.

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